Expand Your Personal and Professional Network at the FIABCI-USA Fall Business Conference

The FIABCI-USA, which is a chapter member of the FIABCI, is hosting its Fall Business Conference this September 23rd through the 26th. The FIABCI, which is a non-political entity that works toward helping its members add an international component to their businesses, is comprised of chapters in 48 different countries. With members ranging from lawyers and architects to insurers and consultants, there is plenty of knowledge to be shared at the annual Fall Business Conference.

Last year, the Fall Business Conference was held in Denver, Colorado. This year, the annual event is slated to be held in Seattle, Washington at the Edgewater Hotel, which is located right on the water. Called “Connecting Continents,” participants will learn more about Asian markets as well as international market risks and opportunities. Participants will also learn about foreign investment in Seattle while also learning practical tips that can be applied toward their businesses immediately.

With so many great resources available to participants, there are many reasons to consider attending the FIABCI-USA Fall Business Conference this year. First of all, you will undoubtedly expand your business network. Even better, you will make connections with professionals from around the world as you learn new ideas and practices that you can use to improve your business. With the knowledge you gain at the FIABCI-USA Fall Business Conference, you will set yourself apart from the competition as you demonstrate a broader understanding and reach within your industry.

In addition to learning from the expertise of others, you will also have the opportunity to share your knowledge with other participants. As you break down into internationally-focused groups, you will get plenty of opportunities to get to know other participants. At the same time, the groups are large enough to provide you with the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of individuals with different types of expertise to share with you. Whether you are interested in the international market or you need to make some legal connections, you are certain to find the connections you are looking for when you attend the FIABCU-USA Fall Business Conference.

In addition to helping you expand your professional network, attending the FIABCU-USA Fall Business Conference will provide you with plenty of opportunity to make lifelong friends. As you enjoy the camaraderie of your peers, you are almost guaranteed to meet someone who you connect with. Hopefully, some of these professional relationships will ultimately translate into lifelong friendships that you will be grateful for finding.

Tips for Buying Property Abroad

No matter how appealing a Tuscan villa or English cottage may be, purchasing property in another country needs to be fueled by wise decision making, not impulse buying. You can help your clients turn purchases into a great deal with 12 basic tips offered by Property Investment.  Key tips include:

  • Never sign a contract that you do not understand. (For example, contracts written in a foreign language).
  • Always get advice from independent specialists who are proficient in the chosen country’s laws, processes and specifics of buying property there.
  • Ensure you do not inherit a debt on the property before you purchase
  • Always give yourself a cooling off period if you see a must-have property and are tempted to put down a deposit right then.
  • Arrange your mortgage in the currency that you earn in where possible, unless you are going to receive rental income from that property in the local currency.

Help your international property clients by giving them a list of these tips, customized with your company logo and details about your international real estate service offerings.

Enrich Your International Presence with Google Translation Widget

With the Google translation widget, International REALTOR® Members of the National Association of Realtors can add an international element to their online presence. NAR has put the Google translation widget at the launch page for International REALTOR® Members. The free widget translates the initial web page on which it sits into more than 30 languages. It also translates linked pages and subsequent linked pages and so on down the line. Although electronic translation is not perfect, it continues to improve. Most find the Google tool to be more than sufficient in terms of web site communications.

Know Cultural Correctness in Ethnic Markets

Tapping into a growing ethnic market for real estate clients, such as Indian Americans, requires familiarity with the culture of their native country, reports CIO. The Indian American population grew 53 percent to 2.6 million in the seven-year span from 2000 to 2007 and is the fastest growing Asian American community. It is the third largest Asian American ethic group, after Chinese and Filipino Americans. Many of the cultural norms of India are widely practiced by Indian Americans. Realtors® who want to work with ethnic groups will benefit from understanding these norms. Examples include:

  • Don’t assume you can use a person’s first name; it may be considered rude.
  • Don’t refuse hospitality.
  • Don’t expect people to disagree. Indians generally agree to all that you say, so dig deeper to ke sure you are understood and that what you are asking is doable.
  • If you see shoes near the door, assume you should take yours off.
  • Don’t be offended by debate. Indians like to argue and debate every small point in any topic or conversation.

For more information about best practices of International real estate we invite you to visit our Denver luxury real estate website.

Ask International Clients Open-Ended Questions

The tendency of clients and customers who are not fluent in English is to answer questions with a simple “yes” and “no.”  Thinking that you understand the answer can lead to possible misunderstandings and failure to close a deal.  To ensure thorough communication, Executive Planet advises, make your questions open-ended. For example, ask “Can you tell me what you like or don’t like about this property?” If the client or customer isn’t able to respond fully, you know you need to probe further, and/or get assistance from a translator.

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FIABCI-USA Fall Business Conference, Denver Colorado

Don’t miss the FIABCI-Fall conference coming to Denver, September 11-13, 2009.  The event is to be held at the Downtown Denver Ritz-Carlton.

FIABCI aims to bring you into the fold of a family of people, all embracing cultural diversity, united in one common goal: to erase the borders in international real estate and provide the world with a team of experts ready to meet their property needs.

Visit the FIABCI-USA website for more information.