Summarizing The Current Market Conditions Of The Americas

Recently, while attending the 2009 FIABCI-USA Fall Business Conference, I had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Dean Lapointe, Director and President Americas Committee of FIABCI. Mr. Lapointe presented a synopsis of the market conditions of the Americans. First, to qualify, the presentation was geared towards the residential investment market and did not touch on the well written and discussed U.S. real estate market. Here is my summary of the presentation as best recollected.

Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chili, now all have credit grade ratings. Brazil is emerging as one of the powerful economies in world along with China & India and currently occupies prominent position in worldwide real estate investment map.

Amongst world-wide property investors, Brazil is identified as an emerging market. The returns on investment can be excellent. Investors have become aware of high growth potential in a stable new investment market. Overseas property investors, focus on benefit of purchases in Brazil. Whilst the International Press promotes the country as encouraging in market for invest in general.

Columbia and Argentina, while risky, promise long term growth opportunity. Present policy empowers new home buyers. Credit is available for a stabilizing market with shelter from the global credit crunch.

Argentina is ripe for investment. After the 2001 economy melt down, the country has been in recovery since. Today recovery process plus the weak Peso makes Argentina’s property market worth considering. Prices are high for the area but lower than other regions around the world.

Resort real estate is still selling in Central America, not at same rate, but with market normalizing,  sales should be back at consistent pace. Many projects have the right strategies in place with sales reflecting stable market.

In Costa Rica, prices are falling and development is delayed, market in some parts affected by downtown.  Costa Rica is a popular 2nd home market with striving eco tourism market, a low cost of living and low taxes. Costa Rica is often a cheaper option without too many compromises.

Mexico expecting influx of property investors, officials consider changing buying rules so foreign investors can own property outright. But not everyone is Mexico is happy, and many Mexicans complains of rapid growth by an American population and are concerned of a threat to their language and culture.

Panama has already wonderful reputation in Latin America for low crime, excellent infrastructure, a private and secure banking system. Panama has a relatively striving economy considering instability in world today.  100 years of inter-dependant relationship with US doesn’t hurt. Panama attracts attention of citizens considering expatriate live style. Panama offers real estate in the city and interior. There is lots of press on a condo bubble and and oversupply of housing units in Panama City. What is not addressed, is the lesser known but still healthy market in interior markets.

Dominican Republic is a leader in emerging Caribbean property markets. This is an investment vehicle offering strong growth potential. Independent world-wide investment experts are unanimous in claim of real estate potential. The Dominican Republic offers lucrative market with reports of capital growth at 20-30% per annum in prime locations. Tourist infrastructure currently undergoing major upheaval to bring Dominican Republic in line with other Caribbean hot spots. This country economy promises significant growth in the foreseeable future.

Canada, property market saved to date from global meltdown due to the following reasons:

  1. Property has not been substantially overvalued, to same extent as other markets,
  2. Very little spec buying by investors, common factor towards end of any boom helped to drive prices up.
  3. Lower level of household debt, help enable owners maintain mort payments in face of recession in country.
  4. Banks, operating responsible criteria for home loans, house price readjustment at sustainable levels.

I hope you found this synopsis helpful and if you are interested in the market conditions of properties in the United States I invite you to contact me and/or to visit my Denver real estate website.

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